How The Model Works

In increasing your international student recruitment, the key is to take control of your goals and targets, dedicated agent network, and brand identity in your chosen foreign markets.


Instructing under quality controls to consulting partners throughout India & reaching students throughout India via social media, webinars, events, fairs


Guiding the students – assessments – course & country selection – admissions – SOP – Assistance with Forex, tuition fee, GIC, Visa documentation, post landing services


No need for institutions to do marketing on individual basis, will be handled by Eduexport through newsletters and market updates, Prompt & Accurate support around the clock

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Eduexportgroup global/country office model work?

We represent our partner institutions with dedicated and professional staff on the ground. Our marketing and admissions teams work with agents the same way that institution staff do: training, supporting, and motivating them. The difference is we are in-country every day, making us accessible to agents and their counselors.

Eduexportgroup does this on a performance basis, meaning there is no financial risk to the institution. We take the risks and only get paid when students apply and are on campus studying.

Our model of institution support involves:

  • A large global agent network, all scrupulously screened, supported, and set up to meet targets. We are present full-time, speaking their language and working in their time zones
  • 100% financial transparency, where all agent payments come directly from institutions, not through Eduexportgroup, and all student tuition and fees go directly to institutions, not through us
  • An established marketing and digital marketing team to ensure that every partner is well-branded and quickly recognized in the market
  • An exceptionally high level of market intelligence, rooted in our global size and reach, all shared with our partner institutions
  • A customer-centric mindset where customers are number one priority, to which our partner institutions can readily attest.

What countries or territories does Eduexportgroup specialize in?

Diversity is of growing importance to higher education institutions (HEIs). Eduexportgroup is currently in nearly 30 countries, including India, the Indian Subcontinent, Asia, South America and Africa. We intend to grow to 50 countries in the near future. This enables us to present a huge pool of prospects to our partner institutions and convert them into enrollment numbers.

What’s the guarantee for success?

Eduexportgroup track record is unmatched in the industry, which makes us industry trailblazers and trusted voices. With a performance-based model, there is no downside to the partnership. Eduexportgroup is in a strong financial position and even in a pandemic situation continues its partner promotions ensuring high brand awareness. We are even poised to expand further. In 2019 alone, we recruited over 5,000 students for our partner institutions – imagine what’s possible for you.