The Difference

Our mark in international education

“We are already exclusively representing colleges from British Columbia & Ontario which represents our global recognition and a sense of reputation.

  • Our Group partners with more than 700 education consultants around South Asia with extensive experience in marketing for promoting our institution partners.
  • Eduexport holds exclusive positions of various colleges located in Canada.
  • We aim at providing the right program & institution to the students.
  • We expertise in making travel arrangements, course registration, vaccination assistance for clients.
  • We have a dedicated and skilled team of 100+ experts throughout our 8 offices located across India.
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With more than 50+ experts around 8 offices in India and increasing, we’ve reinvented the process of managing vast network using quality standards.

  • Affiliated 300+ country partners, who have more than 450+ years of collective experience as education consultants, we’ve reinvented the way of transparency and business intelligence.
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Our unique business model makes it convenient to make Indian pool aware about affordable world class education by using creative & unique approaches

  • Investment of both end to end facilities and updated materials from universities, partners, ensuring that student receives the most relevant options at affordable cost.
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With our expert guidance and counselling, more than 10 thousand students have secured their dream of studying in global market.

  • Secured over 7500 admissions in about 50+ specializations with global universities and colleges.
  • Achieved over 900 admissions at top 1% world ranking universities.
  • Top certified consulting partners with credentials of Cambridge press, CCEA, QEAC, Uni Agents & ICEF.
  • 115+ staff including 50+ experts & process admins.